Season 6 Award Nomination: Richard “The Reverend”

Season 6Jim Siemens Award of ExcellenceNomination LetterRichard “The Reverend”

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury,

Allow this letter to serve as a formal nomination of Richard “The Reverend” for the Season 6 Jim Siemens Award of Excellence. “The Reverend” is a truly excellent dude. Some say he breathes excellence like a fish breathes water, and that one of his legs grows slightly longer when he sees an ice cold can of brisk, refreshing Coors Light (The official non sponsor beverage of the ‘Sport of Kings’).

The Reverend juicing with pickles before the game.

True, “The Reverend” has been present in Tapey Beercone since its very inception on that frigid January day thirteen years ago, but his passions for sport and the Buckos Nation have not cooled in the slightest. Many players have left their mark on Season 6. “The Reverend” played every inning of season 6 and takes a piece of the three way tie for winningest player of the season. He traveled to Oregon, helped to fund the most ambitious event Tapey Beercone has ever undertaken, played multiple beach games, fought the bees AND the big mean turkeys, and did it with his characteristic good natured panache.

Richard is all smiles after surviving the Great Bee Invasion.

The true mark of excellence is seen in the marked improvement in every category of “The Reverend’s” play this season. As a batter he has seen a significant uptick in power, as a pitcher he has bested his previous high mark of strikeouts, and most importantly, Richard drank 111 beers in Season 6.

The Reverend ready to rip it!

For the full view of “The Reverend’s” Magnificence one needs only go as far back as Beerpope Weekend 2021. Taking up the gauntlet thrown down by “The Colonel” mere weeks before, Richard set out to regain his single game beer record. What transpired is the stuff of legends. Literal Legends. “The Reverend” in his hubris flew too close to the sun, imbibing at a prodigious rate, and falling to his hazard. All in a quest for excellence. His actions earned him a second term as Beerpope (albeit a short one) and yet another place in the recordbook.

The Reverend flew too close to the Sun…

“The Hammer”



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