Introducing Total Buckos Sports Betting!

For years the Buckos Nation has been a safe haven for drinking, smoking, and the other great vices of the world. Often this includes gambling, but never has gambling been combined with the Nation’s pastime, the Sport of Kings. That changed today when, during an April Fools Day news conference, Co-Commissioner Eric “The Hammer” announced a new venture, Total Buckos Sports Betting!

“Today we are here for an historic announcement”, stated Co-Commissioner Eric “The Hammer”, “and that is that Total Buckos Sports Betting will become Tapey Beercone’s first official sports betting partner.” “The Hammer” explained that discussions have been ongoing for several years to create such an agreement knowing that the fans of Tapey Beercone have been demanding it and have eagerly anticipated having the option to waste their money on bets on Tapey Beercone.

Just sit back and relax, your wagers are in!

Co-Commissioner Kelly “The Coach”, also present at the conference, stated that the first betting opportunity would be a pick the winner bet for the upcoming running of the Tapey Beercone Kumite. “The Hammer” concluded by adding that, “You see all these others sports leagues making bank off all this sports betting, and we want to get in an that action too!”

Hand over that money!

Additional information was provided explaining that multiple prop bets will also soon be on offer, including bets on who will drink the most in a certain game, who will win the Seasonal Cold One Drinking Award, and how many times “The Rooster” will upchuck during the season. The Commissioners eventually plan to allow live betting during all Tapey Beercone games based on the Betting Line provided by the Sport’s state of the art Statistics System. More information is expected to follow, for now you can place you wagers by following this link to the Total Buckos Sports Betting Site:

Total Buckos Sports Betting

The Total Buckos Sports Betting platform and website (TBS Betting), includes all of the information, content, features and code contained within it. It is a project of the Commissioner’s Office of Tapey Beercone produced at the direction of the Tapey Beercone Board of Regents and governed by the laws of the Buckos Nation. TBS Betting is intended and offered as an entertainment product, and any other use of this product is neither condoned nor permitted. The rules for any Bet are created by TBS Betting, and subject to change at any time. The odds for any Bet are subject to change at any time (including retroactively) at the sole discretion of TBS Betting. TBS Betting may resolve a Bet any time at their sole discretion, regardless as to whether the conditions to decide the outcome of a Bet have been met. Unless otherwise expressly stated in a Bet’s Rules, when there is a tie in an outcome, the Bet will resolve in favor of the contract with the first numerical or alphabetical name among those so tied. Where contracts are named after individuals, TBS Betting resolves such ties using Nickname, followed by First Name. If there is any change to an event, or any other situation arises, that is not in TBS Betting’s view addressed adequately by the Bet rules, TBS Betting will decide the fairest and most appropriate course of action. TBS Betting reserves the right to void any Bet at any time for any reason, and return all sums wagered to each better, while withholding any payment necessary to cover transition fees. Upon resolution of a Bet, any winnings awarded from a Bet will be sent by check, via mail, to the name and address listed during placement of the Bet. Please allow 4 to 48 weeks for delivery of Bet winnings. TBS Betting’s decision, including its interpretation of the Rules and its findings of fact in applying them, will be final. If you are dissatisfied with a decision made by TBS Betting, you agree that you will engage with TBS Betting confidentially and in good faith in an attempt to resolve the issue before seeking any further remedy. Issues about a decision in a given Bet will not be addressed until that Bet closes. By accepting these terms and conditions you waive your right to seek other remedies (to the maximum extent permitted by law).

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