Season 5 Award Nomination: “Artillery” Arthur

Season 5Jim Siemens Award of ExcellenceNomination Letter“Artillery” Arthur “10 Mile”

To The Board of Regents and the Player’s Association at Large,

Allow this letter to serve as my formal nomination of “Artillery” Arthur “10 mile” for the Season 5 Jim Siemens Award of Excellence. Arthur was the Season 4 Rookie of the Season, and continued his masterful play of our great game during Season 5. While he certainly lacks the compilation of play time during the season compared to other players, he offsets this with outstanding proficiency during the games in which he did participate.

Arthur played in both runnings of the Oregon Tapey Beercone Invitational this season. In the former, the 4th annual running, Arthur was the vanguard offensive force for his team. He hit multiple extra base hits include an incredible home run. This home run made him one of just four players to achieve the feat during season 5. During the game, Arthur was also the keystone fielder for his team, manning the outfield and making multiple exciting plays including a crucial double play at second base. While his performance came in a losing effort, the score remained close throughout, and stacked against solid competition, Arthur’s team would have stood little chance at all were it not for his phenomenal play.

A year later, Arthur returned for Game 1 of the 5th running of the OTBCI, and again Arthur stood out as the superlative player on his team. Save for striking out in his first at bat he was perfect at the plate, and he played lock down defense as an outfielder all game. Arthur’s shear excellence was on full display in the game’s critical fifth inning. The inning started with Arthur’s team down by 3 runs, but Arthur quickly quashed his opponent’s attempts to extend their lead by first making a double play at second base for the first two outs of the inning, and then making a challenging play in the outfield to complete an unassisted shutout inning. Then in the bottom half, with two out, Arthur catapulted a beercone into deep left field scoring a two-run, inning-ending, game-tying triple! His team would go on to win in walk-off fashion in the next inning, and for these efforts Arthur was named the player of the game.

Arthur’s excellence extends beyond his on-field exploits to his demeanor as a player and competitor. Always in good spirits, Arthur players the game with the utmost sportsmanship and decency. He encourages other players, be them opponent or ally, and his jests and jokes bring levity to the games he attends without putting anyone down. Arthur does all this while drinking readily, on pace with some of the Sport’s heavyweights.

Arthur’s abridged playtime this season should not minimize his sensational accomplishments. “Artillery” Arthur “10 Mile” would make a terrific recipient of this season’s Jim Siemen’s Award of Excellence.

Respectfully yours,

Kelly “The Coach”

Author: Commissioners Office

The Office of the Commissioners of Tapey Beercone.

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