Commissioner Memo: Memo Updating Awards Procedures for Season 5

To: Co- Commissioner Eric “The Hammer”
From: Co-Commissioner Kelly “The Coach”
CC: Field Marshall of the Buckos Expeditionary Forces Chris “The Dragon”
CC: Public Commissioner Memos Blug
Memo Updating Awards Procedures for Season 5
Re: Consolidation of Awards and New Nomination/Voting Procedure

As the current season draws to a close we again begin to contemplate our season ending traditions. One such tradition, held since Season 3, has seen the conferring of seasonal Awards. In past seasons a multitude of awards have been bestow, yet as we have heretofore reviewed our intent is to simplify and consolidate the awards for Season 5. Here is a summary of the awards we will confer, and the process by which the recipients will be determined, for Season 5:

The Jim Siemens Award of Excellence

Description: The player displaying the highest level of exemplary and outstanding accomplishments as related to the Sport of Tapey Beercone is award the Jim Siemens Award of Excellence. This award will be simplified as an award for excellence of all forms, not just Most Valuable Player. The excellence may take the form of exceptional on-field performance, be it in Buckos League games or any other game or Event, as well as any and all other forms of exemplary and admirable actions and achievements related to the Sport of Tapey Beercone.

Determination: Any member of the Player’s Associate, in good standing, is eligible for this award. However, to be considered for the award, the player must be nominated by another said member. To nominate a player, such member must write a letter to the Awards Committee, 1,000 word or less, briefly describing the candidate’s worthiness for award. The nomination letter must be submitted to the Committee by email at prior to midnight New Year’s Eve. All nomination letters will be publicly posted as they are received. All nominated players will be placed on a ballot to be voted on by the Player’s Association at large with the ballot going live on New Year’s Day and ballots due prior to Beer Pope Day Weekend. The result of the vote will be a consideration, although not a mandate, for the Awards Committee to make their determination.

The Mark Hendrix Improvement Award

Description: The most improved player of the season is awarded the Mark Hendrix Improvement Award.

Determination: The Awards Committee will determine the recipient of this award. They may draw on a player’s improvement versus previous seasons as well as a player’s improvement during the current season.

The Greg Thompson Rookie of the Year Award

Description: The most outstanding player of the season playing in their first season shall be named the Greg Thompson Rookie of the Year.

Determination: The Awards Committee will determine the recipient of this award. They may draw on a player’s performance on a rate basis and on a cumulative basis.

The Cold One Most Outstanding Drinking Player

Description: The player who drank the most while playing shall be awarded the Cold One Most Outstanding Drinking Player.

Determination: The player with the highest value of Regressed Beers per Inning (rBPI), with the Awards Committee holding the ultimate power in determining the winner.

  • The Awards Committee will consist of the Office of the Commissioners, yourself and this commissioner, and one additional Regent on a rotating basis.

Should any of what is described above not match your understanding, please correspond. This commissioner anticipates with fervor both the culmination of another successful season and the resulting end of season festivities.


Co-Commissioner Kelly “The Coach”

Author: Commissioners Office

The Office of the Commissioners of Tapey Beercone.

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