Haoldukvisl Field

Tapey Beercone has its origins in Northern California, and slowly through the years the Sport’s Atlas expanded across the western United States. Many wondered when the sport’s Annals would includes an expedition outside the US.

Tapey Beercone finally went international with the creation of Haoldukvisl Field located at Vatnajökull National Park in Iceland. The field was located on the bare glacial moraine where the loose volcanic sands gave the field the feel of play similar in some ways to beach fields. With the mighty Vatnajökull Glacier looming in the background, the field was marked by stinging winds and biting cold.

The Players at the first international game included founding regent Eric “The Hammer” and long time player Geoff “The Rookie” as well as new player Gabby “The Viking”. While the Rules have long allow for it, and while not the first game played with three players, due to the occasion, games of Tapey Beercone played with three players are now considered “Icelandic Rules” Tapey Beercone Games.

Field Name
Haoldukvisl Field
LocationVatnajökull National Park
Latitude 63°58'32"N
Longitude 17°11'45"W
Elevation328 ft
Play Area Angle45°
Grand Salami ZoneStrange Depression in hillside
Grand Salamis HitNone
Infield SurfaceLoose Volcanic Sand
Outfield SurfaceLooser Volcanic Sand
Outfield ObstaclesHigh Wind, Bighting Cold
Beer Pope CoronationsNone
Inception Date3/22/2018
Total Regents to Play at the Field1
Largest CrowdGlacier - 3/22/2018

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