Tapey Beercone Mobilizes the Beercone Blizzard Busters

In a stunning turn of events, a series of major winter storms have forced the suspension of the Tapey Beercone (TBC) season. The series of blizzards that swept through the Northern California coast over the past few months left beercone fields and beercomplexes buried under several feet of snow, downed thousand of trees and powerlines closing roads and highways, and made mountain passes inaccessible making it impossible to play any Tapey Beercone games.

This lead to the indefinite suspension of the Beerpope Day Tapey Beercone series and has led to speculation that the remainder of Season 7 of Tapey Beercone could be cancelled.

Try as they might, fans and players alike were left standed and unable to make it to the game.

TBC Commissioner, Eric “The Hammer”, faced with the prospect of a cancelled season, announced during an April Fool’s Day press conference that drastic measures had been taken to ensure that the games go ahead as scheduled. Eric declared a mobilization of the Tapey Beercone Expeditionary Forces, and created a special contingent of the Force, made up of experienced snowplow drivers, lumberjacks, and beer deliverymen.

This special Expeditionary Force contingent, which has been dubbed the “Beercone Blizzard Busters”, has been tasked with clearing a path to The Ranch Tapey Beercone Beercomplex in time for the season opener. The team, led by Field Marshall of the Tapey Beercone Expeditionary Forces Chris “The Rooster”, will be working around the clock to clear the snow and ice from the fields and open the passes back to The Ranch.

According to The Hammer, “We are determined to get the season back underway, no matter what Mother Nature throws our way. The Beercone Blizzard Busters will be working tirelessly to make sure that happens.”

Neither snow nor rain nor downed tree nor gloom of night stay these forces from the swift completion of their appointed duties.

The Expeditionary Force has already set out on its mission, with the first scouting party planning to have boots on the ground at New Gordon Field in two week’s time. Fans of The Sport of Kings have expressed their gratitude to Commissioner Eric for his commitment to getting the season started on time.

The Baseball Blizzard Busters have been hailed as heroes, with many calling them the “Snow Angels of Tapey Beercone.” Their tireless efforts to clear a path to The Ranch have not gone unnoticed, and players and fans alike are eagerly anticipating the resumption of the season.

The next TBC games are just a month away, and with the Baseball Blizzard Busters hard at work, there is no doubt that the games will go ahead as scheduled. The excitement and anticipation are building, and fans across the country are looking forward to more Beercone excitement.

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