CCC TBC Rotisserie League Live Waiver Wire Coverage

We’ll do it live!

With the annual trip to The Ranch over Beerpope Day Weekend cancelled this year, the Buckos would have to settle for the next best thing.

That’s right…

Live Chris Curtis Commemorative TBC Rotisserie League Waiver Wire via Text Message!!

As in season’s past, the mid-season beerpope trade window ends on Beerpope Day, and this year the teams will close their transactions live for all the world to witness. The festivities will begin Sunday evening with “The Hammer” kicking off the action. The waiver order is as follows.

  1. Stupid Sexy Flanders – “The Hammer”
  2. Pope Rooster’s Cocks – “The Student”
  3. The Cheeseless Cheeseburgers – “The Coach”
  4. Coach ‘Em Up – “The Reverend”

While each team owner is on the clock they may take one of two actions:

  • Drop a player and add a free agent player to there team.
  • Initiate a trade with another team, swapping one single player for another single player from the other team.

The rosters for each team can be found below:

Some other details of note:
– All players not currently on teams are free agents, including players who have never played Tapey Beercone. (Future Players)
– Dropped players immediately become free agents and are available for other teams to acquire.
– Trades can only be one player for one player, however as is Buckos tradition, any and all other assets, covenants, and collateral may be bargained during the trade process to complete a fair trade for both parties.
– Each team can only initiate one transaction (Add or Trade), however teams can participate in any number of trades initiated by other teams.

As the draft is live, expect frenzied haggling as teams vie for talent, and count on ferocious banter after each transaction.

With the details out of the way, we can get to the action!

Hammer you are on the clock!

Skin Tight Boxer Briefs;
Like Wearing Nothing At All!
Damn Sexy Flanders!

Update 1/15/2023 11AM:

In a blockbuster trade, the Stupid Sexy Flanders have acquired Chris “The Rooster/The Dragon” is exchange for Lee Ann “Decibelle” and a Keg To Be Named Later (under $300 & deliverable to “The Coach” at The Ranch in February).

In desperate straights in the league’s basement, The Flanders have made a bold trade and acquired one of the game’s best two way players.

Student you are on the clock!

Five Coronations!
Each add more fowl to the flock;
That’s a lot of cocks!

Update 1/15/2023 12:30PM:

The Cocks choose to put their faith in a Season 7 rookie, Keith Parker!

Big expectation for the rookie.

Kasey “The Pants” has been dropped in a corresponding move.

Coach you are on the clock!

Two buns and a meat;
What more could one desire,
On a cheeseburger.

Update 1/15/2023 3:00PM:

After a frenzied trading period involving multiple offers from different teams, a second trade was made between the Cheeseless Cheeseburgers and the Stupid Sexy Flanders, this time initiated by the Cheese(less)burgers.

Master of the Lotus League will bring his talents to the Cheeseless Cheeseburgers.

“The Coach” sent Aidan “The Gambler” and a bottle of Bulleit Rye Whiskey to “The Hammer” in exchange for Jim “The Colonel”. In doing such each owner now controls the League Thane for the Franchise League they sponsor.

Reverend you are on the clock!

That’s great DISIPRINE.
One to Measure, One to Rake;
Gotta Coach ‘Em Up!

Update 1/15/2023 3:15PM:

With the lead in the standings, “The Reverend” sees no reason to rock the boat. He ends the Beerpope Day Trading Window by standing pat and declining to make any moves.

Now that’s a sign of confidence.

And so ends our LIVE! coverage of the Chris Curtis Commemorative TBC Rotisserie League Beerpope Day Trading Window. Good luck to all teams over the second half of the season and may the best roto league team win!

To praise Pope Rooster;
We play the Great Sport of Kings,
On field, and Roto!

Author: Commissioners Office

The Office of the Commissioners of Tapey Beercone.

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