The Sport of Kings Returns

Having not held a Buckos League contest since January, the longest hiatus since the Sport’s earliest days, the Sport of Kings made a triumphant return from indefinite suspension at the 7th Annual Oregon Tapey Beercone Invitational. This began with an epic game under the lights of Volcanoes Stadium, the first Buckos League night game!

“The Reverend” soaks up the night game majesty!

The renewal of the Sport, and the current season of Buckos League play, also comes with an announcement straight from the Commissioner’s Office. Due to the lengthy lockdown induced discontinuity in play, Season 6 of Tapey Beercone will be extended an Additional Year. That’s right, instead of Season 6 ending at the end of next month, the season with last an unprecedented 3 years and won’t end until December 31st, 2021.

Game On!! And hopefully many more games to go in Season 6.

With the Sport back up and running, the game Annals, including statistics and game box scores, have been updated through the latest games. Rotisserie League standings will be updated in a separate post. Looking ahead, expect additional games in the not so distant future.

Non Desinus Nobis Nunc!

Don’t Stop Us Now!

Author: Commissioners Office

The Office of the Commissioners of Tapey Beercone.

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