Player Profile – #51 – “Inscrutable” Ben

“Inscutable” Ben, or IBS, is a veteran Tapey Beercone player, first having played in the post-wedding barnstorming double header at ‘Lectric Acres. His next games were the 3rd Annual OTBCI and they comprise his entire league Tapey Beercone career, despite being a very active player in the Cascade League and participating in several barnstorming games since. Ben’s number and nickname both are tributes to the incomparable Ichiro Suzuki.

IBS batting at the 3rd Annual OTBCI.

Ben’s league statistics do not reflect his talent and abilities. He is first and formost an excellent pitcher, possessing both supreme command and above average velocity. He is a match for even the most fearsome of batters. Ben’s early batting attempts were met with mixed results, the conventional style yielding singles and fly-outs in about equal measure. As of late, though, Ben has adopted the slap hit style of “The Master” and of his peerless namesake. In an exhibition match in Season 5 at Fort Lake Landing, Ben ground down the joint HammerDragon defense in a Icelandic Rules game, leading to a devastating victory against the 2 regents.

Here Ben throws a strike against “The Hammer”. In the last inning, Ben set a record for most runs scored in an inning of Tapey Beercone.

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