Photos from Trinity Lake

While on an excursion in the Trinity Alps, Buckos Eric “The Hammer” and Chris “The Dragon”, accompanied by “Inscrutable” Ben, took in a game of Icelandic Rules Tapey Beercone at Fort Lake Landing on Trinity Lake.

The match was tense, with fierce competition, and when the game entered the last inning Eric held the slimmest of leads over Ben, with Chris not far behind as well. But during that last inning “The Inscrutable” Ben would earn his nickname and was unflappable, scoring 14 runs!, the largest total even compiled in a last inning to date.

When the dust settled the final score was:

  • “Inscrutable” Ben- 30
  • “The Hammer” – 26
  • “The Dragon” – 19

In addition to posting the highest single inning total, Ben’s game total of 30 also set a new record, surpassing the 25 runs scored by “The Coach” and “The Master” during Season 4 at Hitachi Bowl.

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Author: Commissioners Office

The Office of the Commissioners of Tapey Beercone.

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