News: The Oregon Invitation Goes on the Road, Discovers New Beerpope

This season,for a change of pace, the Oregon Tapey Beercone Invitational was moved up to Labor Day Weekend and taken on the road. Instead of being played local venue in the Willamette Valley, the game was held in extreme southern Oregon at Pastoral Nest. But these changes didn’t hinder the competition, as the usual combination of exciting play, plentiful drinking, and off-field hilarity were all readily on display.

Have beer, will travel!

The game itself conjured up memories of classic Tapey Beercone. It was played on a narrow, obstacle filled field that in many ways resembled where the sport began at Gordon Field. The players did their part competing in a back and forth game with many spectacular plays and huge totals in beer count. In all multiple players on each team cracked the 2.0 BPI mark! All this heavy drinking led to another classic Tapey Beercone moment, for after striking out and chugging her beer in frustration, relative newcomer Jennifer “Elsinore” was coronated beerpope!

Beerpope Elsinore I breaks the glass bottle in becoming the Sport’s first female beerpope! Her ascendancy to the Beer Papacy is unique in another way, as she is just the second non-Regent Beerpope. That said, her in-game digestive evacuation is one of the more common Beerpope miracles. The Tapey Beercone Annals have been updated to include “Elsinore’s” place in the Sport’s history, as well as to record the game’s events in both the Game Logs and Statistics.

A great day for Tapey Beercone!

Look forward to more pictures and accounts of this great event, and it’s surrounding antics, in the near future.

Author: Commissioners Office

The Office of the Commissioners of Tapey Beercone.

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