CCC TBC Rotisserie League 2nd Mid Season Beerpope Trade Window

As announced by the Commissioners back in November, while a new year is upon us, Season 6 will continue for an additional year. And for the Chris Curtis Commemorative Tapey Beercone Rotisserie League this means a 2nd Beerpope Trade Window! This gives each team another opportunity to swap out one of their players for a free agent, or for two teams to come together for a trade. Or, if a team feels confident enough in their roster, they can also choose to stand pat. As before the waiver order will proceed in the reserve of the current standings which is as follows:

Correction 1/4/2021: Based on the Coronation of Beerpope Colonel I on New Year’s Eve, the tie on the top of the standing has been resolved. The waiver order has been amended to reflect this change.

Based on these results, the waiver order is as follows:

  1. Pope Rooster’s Cocks
  2. The Dragon Riders
  3. Folksie Wisdom
  4. The Cheeseless Cheeseburgers

Rocket you are on the clock!

All Hail Pope Rooster!
His Feats of Futility;
Embolden his Flock.

Update 1/1/2021:

Pope Rooster’s Cocks choose to hold their current roster

While the Cocks currently sit in the basement of the league’s standings, they are confident that the current roster has what it takes to compete down the stretch.

Reverend you are on the clock!

Dragon Rider Chaps;
Like Wearing Nothing At All!
Foster the Dragon!

Update 1/12/2021:

The Dragon Riders choose to hold their current roster

The Riders will soar into battle unified, with no new blood!

Hammer you are on the clock!

Here’s folksie wisdom:
Never turn down free soft serve;
Avoid STD’s

Update 1/15/2021:

The Folksie Widsom choose to hold their current roster

The Widsom find it wise to hold firm.

Coach you are on the clock!

Burger with No Cheese?!
I’m disappointed indeed;

Update 1/15/2021:

The Cheeseless Cheeseburgers choose to hold their current roster

The Cheese have decided to leave their burgers on the grill, in the hopes that the season ends well done.

And with that the final mid-season Beerpope Trade Window has closed! No teams chose to make a change this time around. Good luck in the final stretch of the season, and may the best rotisserie team win!

Author: Commissioners Office

The Office of the Commissioners of Tapey Beercone.

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