CCC TBC Rotisserie League Season 7 Kick Off and Post Chris-Mass Update

Chris-Mass came early this year!

Indeed, the Chris-Mass Classic, normally held in December, took place on November 5th this year, and with it came the gift of a much anticipated Season 7 CCC TBC Rotisserie League reveal!

After it’s successful first season, a number of modifications were made, including replacing the “Net Stolen Bases” category with “On Base Net Bases” and creating a tie breaker system.

The full scoring categories and rules are as follows:


  • R – Runs Scored
  • RBI – Runs Batted In
  • B – Beers Consumed
  • CHGChugging Percentage
  • obNB – On Base Net Bases (Weighted Total of On Base Actions as a Runner)

  • Defense:

  • K – Strike Outs
  • BB – Walks (Lower is better)
  • ERA – Eared Run Average (Runs Allowed Divided by Innings Pitched, Lower is better)
  • IP – Innings Pitched
  • FS– Field Successes (Outs made on Batted Balls as a Fielder)

In addition to the 10 scoring categories their are 2 bonus categories and two penalty categories:


  • BP – Beer Pope Coronations (An extra point is given for each time the player is coronated Beerpope)
  • GS – Grand Salamis Hit (An extra point is given for each Grand Salami hit)

  • BF – Beer Foul – (A point is deducted for each beer foul perpetrated by the player)
  • TF – Testicle Foul – (A point is deducted for each testicle foul perpetrated by the player)


If two teams are tied in total points the first tie breaker will be Beers Consumed. If still tied the second tie breaker will be Chugging Percentage. If still tied the victor will be decided via Rock-Paper-Scissors.

And now to introduce this season’s teams!:

The first pick in the CCCTBCRL Season 7 draft went to last season’s 4th place team with a new co-owner to help manage the squad:

Pope Rooster’s Cocks

Owner: Boyd “The Rocket”
Co-Owner: Frank “The Student”

Pope Rooster’s Cocks combines two Buckos, plus a seasoned Buckos Nation citizen, with one of only two Buckettes to make a CCCTBCRL roster.

Next was last season’s 3rd place team now with a new name!:

Coach ‘Em Up:

Owner: Richard “The Reverend”

Coach ‘Em Up is captained by one of the Sport’s most prolific players and hosts many of the Sport’s most prolific drinkers.

The third pick went to last year’s runner up:

The Cheeseless Cheeseburgers:

Owner: Kelly “The Coach”

The Cheeseless are a veritable smorgasbord of some of the game’s best batters including one, Aidan, who has never played in a Buckos League stat game to date.

Lastly we have last season’s champion under a new name!:

Stupid Sexy Flanders

Owner: Eric “The Hammer”

In a sign of his rise over the last season, the Flanders’ first pick went to a player who was picked in the last round of the previous draft. “The Student” will now anchor a team of storied non-Buckos players, the only team devoid of Buckos to date.

Finally, after five games in Season 7, here are the current standings:

Currently Coach ‘Em Up have the lead under the strong performance of their captain with The Cheeseless Cheeseburgers and Pope Rooster’s Cocks both nipping at their heels while Stupid Sexy Flanders are still putting on their Spandex in last place.

More updates to follow as the season progresses!

Author: Commissioners Office

The Office of the Commissioners of Tapey Beercone.

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